Reading For Financial growth


I’d like to discuss why I feel like reading is one of the most beneficial actions you can take towards achieving great financial success.

Stimulates The Mind

Reading allows us to expand from our current realities. We are able to imagine life as portrayed in the pages, or think more critically. Reading also allows us to think outside the box as we take suggestions from the author’s that we previously had not thought of.

Allows The Development of Better Habits

If you learn to set out time blocks for your daily reading, you can learn to do the same for building your finances.

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think and grow

Have You Read Think and Grow Rich

As the title of this post asks, I’d really like to get a gauge on how many people are reading this great book.

think and grow

Think and Grow Rich is one of the top business and personal development books of all time. It might actually be the pioneer book of it’s time.

You learn about the top things many of the world’s riches people do and think in order to obtain, and keep their wealth. Its a very fascinating look into this most times locked up secret society of the world’s financial elite.

The book teaches principles one must live by in order to achieve success, wealth, and abundance. Two of these principles in particular that fascinated me were the mention of having a mastermind group, and understanding that your income will reflect that of your 5 closest associates. After reading this I reconsidered my circle a lot more closely. I made sure to include my custom windows guy, my business partner, and my mentor.

These are fascinating ideas for a couple reasons. It really makes you rethink who you should allow to occupy the bulk amount of your time, and resources. Most broke people are not at an elevated state of mind, like you would be. So in essence, some people may poison your abilities to become rich.

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My top five books for achieving success in Business

We are going through what I call the “era of information overload.”

Everyday there is a new idea or a new theory on how to achieve success. The fact of the matter is that seldom times is there a roadmap drawn out on how to achieve success but there are certain facts of life that can put you on that path.

These five books have taught me these facts and they have helped me tremendously.

5) “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – These days you’ll be surprised to see someone who doesn’t have an iPhone or a Macbook. That is because Apple has become a household name in a way no other product has ever been able to.

Steve jobs was not the easiest person to work for, quite frankly he was considered a jerk by most. One this is for sure the man was brilliant, he was a visionary what he lacked in kindness he made up in tenacity and dedication.

He is an inspiration to anyone who wants to start a business and doesn’t have much background in it.

4) “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo – The Alchemist was written in 1988 and it still is just as popular today. “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”, this was a line from a passage in the book and it encompasses the true meaning of the book.

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Very Brief Thoughts on Rich Dad Poor Dad

Hey, So I want to put up a disclaimer here: I have not fully read this book, I actually just recently got into it.

So what I write here will just be my initial impressions of the book after the first 50 – 80 pages.


This book written by Robert Kiyosaki about personal finance, financial wealth, and how we are taught to view money has become somewhat of a “cult classic.”

I was first introduced to it back in college by a friend who was doing Amway at the time. He read a lot of personal development, and I guess this was part of his reading material.

As I continued to miss out on “The #1 Personal Finance book of all time,” I never fell short of hearing about someone reading it.

So finally I caved in and decided to give it a go.

Initial Impressions

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